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Who Are We?

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, and at Level Up we make it a priority that our trainers evolve with it. We separate ourselves from every gym because we take the time to show and educate every member so they will never feel lost when training in our facility. We provide a personable, motivating and supportive atmosphere that allows everyone no matter their level of fitness to be able to challenge themselves together. You could be a college athlete or a mom of 2 and be able to workout together.

Are you ready to Level Up?

Our team

Nick Bader

Exercise Physiology

Growing up I had family members who were overweight. I always wanted to help them but knew I wasn't knowledgable to do so. This brought me to my career path in college. Seeing not only my family but such a high percentage of people fight with obesity, and other health related diseases, it made me look at the bigger picture and want to be apart of something bigger. I have always had it in my heart to help others as my career, I had every intention of being a firefighter. In college I broke my wrist and was told that I would never be able to play baseball or weight lift again. I found a true love and passion through this for the human body. Out of college I was able to work with pro trainers, and learn from amazing coaches to further my knowledge and passion for this career. I find that I can truly make a difference in peoples lives through training. It has been my true passion and love to help people lose weight, gain strength back where they couldn't before and come out of injuries they never thought they would have. Nothing makes me happier, doing what I do everyday. I truly love it. 



Exercise Physiology

I chose this career pathway to remain close to sports and fitness. Like any other young athlete, the dream was to go play at the collegiate or even professional level. Knowing that this would be a near impossible goal, I decided to choose a career pathway in exercise science. I chose this as an opportunity to learn and educate myself about the body’s capabilities and discover my own in relation to exercise and fitness. In return, I developed a passion that has led me to helping those discover and work on their own journeys towards creating a healthy lifestyle and finding the fittest version of themselves.



After graduating college and finishing my last season as a collegiate athlete, I realized I wanted to do more than business administration. I always knew that I loved sports and fitness, and I had a strong desire to help people in anyway I could.  I started to dive into health and fitness and realized how much exercise helped my physical and mental health. This was something I became passionate about and quickly realized, this is how I can help. A big reason why I chose this career was because I want to help others realize the long term benefits of strength training, and that it goes far beyond “just getting stronger”.  I chose this career path to help people live their happiest and healthiest lives, and to be a part of that process with them.  I find so much joy in helping people grow in their own ways, achieve their goals, become stronger, and overall happier individuals.  I love the environment of people working hard and wanting to get better every single day, which is why I’m excited to continue to learn and grow here, at Level Up. 

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