Everyone is capable of exceeding their self-imposed limits.  At Level Up, through our supportive atmosphere and knowledgable guidance, we inspire and encourage all of our athletes and members to break through those boundaries.  Whether you are a competitive athlete, an experienced exercise enthusiast or a first-timer, we'll work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals!

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At Level Up, all Personal Training programs begin with an in-depth consultation.  We discuss your specific fitness needs, desires, and goals and develop your individualized plan. Then we get to work meeting and exceeding those goals!


Our Level Up group training consists of 3-6 clients working together once or twice weekly.  These groups are comprised of members who have similar fitness levels and goals.  Sharing a workout with friends can increase your motivation and inspire you to Level Up!


Level Up's Team Training consists of sport-specific programs to test each participant's limits. It helps build strong relationships between teammates, enables members to become well-rounded athletes and can help you Level Up on the playing field.  


Classes at Level Up are loaded with rounds of high-intensity activity, strength training, and conditioning. Our classes are always led by knowledgeable and encouraging instructors who help motivate you to dig deeper and push harder.   Every workout is designed with modifications to encourage members of all ages and at all fitness levels to participate. 


This class is like none other!  Jump on our signature bikes for high -intensity, high-energy segments of cardio interspersed with strength and core modules on the floor.  Our Hybrid Ride will give you the full-body workout you're looking for,  get you stronger and push you to your limit. It's time to Level Up in our Hybrid Ride.  Book your bike by clicking here.  No spin shoes required.