LEVEL UP Testimonials

Everyone is capable of exceeding their self-imposed limits.  At Level Up, through our supportive atmosphere and knowledgable guidance, we inspire and encourage all of our athletes and members to break through those boundaries.  Whether you are a competitive athlete, an experienced exercise enthusiast or a first-timer, we'll work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals and Level Up!

If you want positive changes in your health and fitness, contact Rob Tomasulo today. You will learn so much about how to live a well rounded, healthy and strong life. Whether personal training or joining as a member, Level Up is so much more than a gym. It’s a custom experience where you will receive guidance and knowledge on exercise, form, nutrition and mental strength. Every workout is well thought out and different. I have never been stronger both physically and mentally since trusting Rob with my health. My husband, my son, my sister and some friends all love going as well. It’s a wonderful and positive community!

- Alison Miskiewicz

A friend recommended Rob to me. I was working out daily and starving myself with very little results. I go to Rob three times a week and eat a normal amount of food. I now have very noticeable results. He is very motivating and patient with me even when I throw myself on the floor because I’m tired. I’ve been to gyms where the employees make fun of people working out. I think if people are trying to better themselves you should just mind your business. I also think some people must have been raised with different morals. Rob would never do that. He is not just a good trainer but he’s a good man. My only regret is not calling him sooner. The best investment anyone can make is in themselves. Love yourself 💗

- Shannon Keller


Training at Level Up Fitness with Rob is one of the BEST things I've done for myself! Since training with Rob, I've seen incredible changes in my body and I'm stronger than I've ever been! Rob keeps me motivated and focused and inspires me to challenge myself. He is able to modify exercises and help me work around physical limitations due to previous injuries. THANK YOU ROB!

- Laurie Naughton

Rob is one of the best trainers I’ve ever met. He cares about his clients and makes sure they are successful in achieving their fitness goals. I highly recommend Rob and his fantastic facility. He also teaches awesome group classes!

- Carol Nissman